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International distribution

Eurospan is the international distributor of Hazelden products, serving all countries except for the United States and Canada.

Eurospan, a company that provides high-quality sales and distribution services, is now the international distributor of Hazelden products for professionals and individuals in recovery.

When ordering and shipping outside the United States or Canada, you no longer have to convert currency to U.S. dollars. Eurospan provides multi-currency ordering. Ordering with Eurospan will also save you money on shipping/handling, and the products will be delivered to you quicker.

Countries served by Eurospan.

Publishers Group Canada manages distribution of Hazelden books for consumers to the retail and wholesale trade marketplace in Canada (800 663 5714). Hazelden distributes our own professional resources such as curricula and DVDs directly to customers in Canada.

To place an order, you may contact Eurospan using the following options:

Phone:  +44 (0)1767 604972

Fax:      +44 (0)1767 601640

Mail: Eurospan Group
        3 Henrietta Street
        Covent Garden
        London WC2D 8LU, UK

This distributor carries most of the merchandise available at