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Hazelden Publishing

Manuscript submission and guidelines

Hazelden Publishing receives hundreds of manuscripts for review each year for its markets in prevention, treatment, criminal justice, behavioral healthcare, and trade. If you have a proposal or manuscript that you would like Hazelden to consider for publication, these author guidelines will help you get started.

About Hazelden Publishing

Hazelden publishes engaging content that helps build recovery in the lives of individuals, families, and communities affected by alcoholism, drug dependency and related disorders. In addition, its publications and services are intended to meet a full range of needs for professionals -- counselors, educators, doctors, clinicians, researchers, clergy, and others -- who work with individuals with substance use and mental health disorders. Hazelden publications support Twelve Step philosophy and other evidence-based therapies that offer a biopsychosocial approach to address the needs of the mind, body, and spirit.

What We Publish

Hazelden publishes content in multiple formats: print (books, pamphlets, workbooks, and curricula), multi-media (video, audio, CD-ROM, Web), e-publishing, in person or online training, and webinars. Our publications are sold to bookstores, treatment and mental health programs, hospitals, schools, churches, correctional facilities, government and military agencies, counseling agencies, and online.

Hazelden editors look for innovative material for professionals that addresses issues relevant to substance abuse prevention, treatment, continuing care, and recovery, as well as mental health and related clinical and educational issues. We publish in multi-media formats for both professionals and their clients that reflect state-of-the-art instructional design, appropriate reading levels, engaging graphics and formatting, and gender and cultural inclusivity. Our books for consumers address topics related to recovery from substance dependence and other addictions, family and relationship issues, spirituality, mental health, and AA and other Twelve Step programs.

What We Don't Publish

Hazelden discourages submissions of poetry, fiction, personal stories, dissertations, children's books, and art.

How to Submit a Proposal

It is not necessary to send an entire manuscript. However, a complete proposal should include two main items. First, it should include a cover letter containing the following information:

  • Overview: What is the general content and objective of your work? What do you intend to accomplish?
  • Audience: Who or what professional is most likely to purchase your work?
  • Market: Why is your intended proposal needed in its market?
  • Competition: What competing publications are currently on the market? How is your work different from them?
  • Author information: Provide information on yourself and your qualifications, including previous writing or relevant experience, and previously published works.

Second, a proposal should include the following from  the proposed manuscript: A table of contents, a detailed chapter outline, an introduction, and two or three sample chapters.

Before submitting, we encourage you to first familiarize yourself with our products. For a complete listing of what we publish,  visit our online bookstore or browse our online catalogs.  

All submissions must be hard copies, typed double-spaced. Photocopies are acceptable.  Mail a printed copy of your proposal to the address below. We do not accept emailed submissions or manuscripts stored on a CD-ROM.  If you want your submission returned, please include a self-addressed envelope with correct postage. Otherwise, your submission will not be returned. 

Manuscript Evaluation

Once received, your proposal will be screened and forwarded to an editor for review.  The review process may take up to twelve weeks, during which time an editor will evaluate your proposal based on editorial, marketing, and philosophical criteria. The purpose of such evaluation is to determine whether your proposal fits with our editorial mission, market niche, and product plans.

During this period, if conditions warrant, you might be asked to submit a complete electronic copy of your manuscript in Microsoft format for editorial review. As soon as a final decision has been made, you will be notified by mail or phone.

Literary Agencies

Having a literary agent represent your work is not necessary; however, our editors work with a wide network of agents.

Accepted Manuscripts

When manuscripts are accepted for publication, authors are generally offered a royalty contract, according to the type of work and the market it serves. All manuscripts are subject to editing.

Your work will be assigned to an acquisitions editor. These editors are responsible for acquiring manuscripts that meet market needs, revenue goals, and Hazelden’s publishing mission for any given year. They also develop product concepts, determine product feasibility, negotiate contracts, edit manuscripts for substance (substantive edit), serve as advocates for authors, and govern overall project management. Authors and editors who develop a relationship based on trust and honest communication are capable of producing high quality products.

Send your proposal to:

Hazelden Publishing
Editorial Department  RW 15
P.O. Box 176
Center City, MN 55012-0176

Thank you for your attention to these author guidelines.